Purpose and Strategy

Discover or review the purpose of your organization, your team or yourself.

Result: a purpose statement to work with and the practical knowledge how to review it when tensions arise, using the integrative decision making process

I have developed a structured approach for discovering both individual and organisational purpose inspired by True Purpose methods, Creative Source Mapping, Holacracy and Voice Dialogue.  


Organize your governance from purpose by introducing self management 

Result: you will know different self-management options like the advice process or Holacracy and are able to decide which approach fits the developmental stage of the organization.

I am a certified Holacracy Coach. 

Reinventing Organizations

Find out what developmental stage your organization is at and identify next steps. Based on the organizational paradigms described in Reinventing Organizations by Frederic Laloux. 

Result: the team knows from which dominant organizational paradigm they currently operate, the gap with personal belief systems and directions for further development. 

I am a certified Value Match Practitioner. 


Teal Journey

On this journey you will build a purpose-driven work environment, where people have more freedom to manage themselves and can bring all of who they are to work. There is no blueprint or fixed outcome. Each next step is uncovered based on real time data. The approach is inspired by the book Reinventing Organizations.  

Over a period of 3 months you will find out what development stage your organization is at. You will identify practices to take the next steps towards Teal. By learning through experience your organization will discover what practices work best.

After this journey the experiential learning process is embedded in the organization and the team can progress independently.

Next Stage HR

This journey is aimed at organizations that want to engage millennials, often pinned down as the purpose-driven generation. They actively choose to work for organizations that are serious and transparent about its purpose. The journey includes a redesign of current HR practices to attract, hire, and retain purpose-driven people that resonate with the purpose of your organization.

Over a period of 3 months we will identify and implement purpose-driven people practices that match the next stage of development of your organization.

After this journey people are more engaged because the organization has embedded a set of next stage people practices.

Team and Individual Coaching

I help teams and individuals become more conscious of themselves and the way they work together. This drives ownership and responsibility for the roles they are accountable for.  Purpose is the core element of why a team is a team in the first place. At an individual level, purpose is the guiding light for work choices. I help listen to and discover personal purpose and look at resonance between this purpose and the work context.  I work systemic with practices such as Voice Dialogue,  U-theory, non-violent communications, the drama triangle, Holacracy principles and Spiral Dynamics.

I believe transparancy, openeness and trust are core values for building strong teams and people. 

For Who?


 seeking to build a purpose-driven culture 


looking for a healthier way to lead their teams.


who want to work with purpose.