Meet Wendy

My purpose is to transform business consciousness 

For years I worked in Sub-Saharan Africa and Bangladesh with people living on an income of less than two dollars a day. What striked me most is the unequal distribution of power and wealth in the world. I believe that organizations can positively contribute to the world shifting their focus from profit to purpose.

For-purpose companies organize work around an overarching purpose. An inspiring purpose attracts motivated people who want to contribute. Imagine work places where people thrive, manage themselves and have space to be authentic.

I have over 15 years of international experience in HR, Change management, CSR and Inclusive Business, working for both profit and non-profit companies. Besides my studies in International Business, Psychology and CSR, I am an Integral Coach, certified Holacracy Coach  and Spiral Dynamics Practitioner. 

Looking forward to connect!

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